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Peggy Gaffney (Peggy)

Cheshire, CT

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Cheshire, CT

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Cheshire Public Library, 104 Main St, Cheshire, CT 06410, Ramona Burkey, Library Director.


Peggy Gaffney has taken her experience as a knitting designer and as a longtime dog breeder and in 2015, created the first in her Suspense for the Dog Lover series. FASHION GOES TO THE DOGS - a Kate Killoy Mystery, takes place in NYC in February at the end of Fashion Week and the beginning of dog show madness. Kate is there to have a fashion show of her designs and to show her Samoyed, Dillon. What she encounters is international intrigue, people trying to kill her and a former math geek for the FBI who is determine to protect her even if it cost him his life -- or his heart. The book was warmly received, becoming a five star book on Amazon and referred to as 'Die Hard' meets 'Best in Show.'

In 2016, the second in the series was published. PUPPY PURSUIT, starts out as a cross country trip to Texas for Kate and Harry to get a puppy sired by her Samoyed champion Dillon. It rapidly becomes something much more when they become involved in trying to stop the theft of millions by a cyber criminal who is planting the blame on a friend of Harry's. Fighting against a sniper who wants them dead makes things difficult by the icing on the cake is that they must battle the criminals with an eight-week old puppy in tow.

The third book in the series, NATIONAL SECURITY, is due out in 2017. Kate and Harry are off to a National Specialty with about six hundred other Samoyed breeders when the murder of a friend lands them in a nest of spies and has them searching both for secrets that endanger the country and the murderer who is trying to stop them.

Gaffney's books, though aimed at lovers of dogs who enjoy an inside view of this world, are filled with a myriad of characters readers soon take to heart. Author Frances Gilbert said about the first book, "Fashion Goes to the Dogs - a novel that proceeds at a rattling speed and has something for everyone - dogs/knitters/fashionistas/love/crime/NYcity/international plotting/royalty/shamrock pride - am hoping that green eyed Harry appears in the next book and Dillon gets a book of his own!

Peggy Gaffney is the author of ten knitting books designed to delight pet lovers, especially those with dogs. Her latest being the wonderful book of children's styles into which pictures of puppies and kittens are knit, KNIT A KITTEN PURL A PUPPY. She has a talent for capturing the look of each animal in her unique 'portrait knits' which are almost lifelike in their detail.

She's also published a book on independent publishing.