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Gary Goshgarian   (#34)   

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Arlington, MA
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Gary Braver


Gary Braver is the bestselling author of eight critically acclaimed mysteries and thrillers the first three under his own name, Gary Goshgarian, the subsequent and future works under the pen name, Gary Braver.

The Braver books include: ELIXIR, GRAY MATTER, SKIN DEEP, and FLASHBACK, which is the only mystery/thriller to have won a prestigious Massachusetts Book Award (2006) and which in a starred review Publishers Weekly called an exceptional medical thriller. For over two years, FLASHBACK was been on the Doubleday Book Club mystery bestsellers list.

His novels have been translated into five languages, and three have been optioned for movies, including ELIXIR by director Ridley Scott. (Alas, no movie.) He is the only author to have three books simultaneously listed in the top-10 highest-rated thrillers on

Gary Braver's eighth novel, TUNNEL VISION, centers on near-death experience an the attempts by scientists to prove that the afterlife exists. "A wonderfully frightening and insightful tale" says Ray Bradbury of TUNNEL VISION.

Under his own name, Gary Goshgarian is an award-winning professor of English at Northeastern University where he teaches courses in Modern Bestsellers, Detective Fiction, Science Fiction, Horror Fiction, and Fiction Writing. He has taught fiction-writing workshops through out the United States and Europe for over twenty years and was a featured instructor at the Maui Writers Conference. He is the author of five popular college writing textbooks, now in 34 editions.

Gary holds a BS in physics from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, a Masters in English from the University of Connecticut, and a Ph.D. in English from the University of Wisconsin (Madison). He has written book reviews and articles The New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Christian Science Monitor, Writer Magazine, and elsewhere.

He is the father of two grown sons and lives in Arlington, MA. His website is

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